Shoes! Glorious Shoes!

Shoe care tips

Shoes can be one of the biggest wardrobe investments you make, financially, emotionally, and physically.  It’s not often you hit the trifecta of shoes – amazing comfort, stunningly beautiful, and affordable (or a treat) – but when you do, keeping that favorite pair in tip top shape will ensure it lasts as long as possible. Here’s what our expert cobblers recommend: 1.  Waterproof. Even in Southern California, it’s Continue Reading

Building a Wardrobe

Even the most stunning wardrobe can create a negative image if it’s not well-maintained. So trust your image and your clothes to Flair Cleaners.

In an earlier blog we shared wardrobe tips for the Casually Creative lifestyle. In part two of this series, we focus on the Continual Professional, a man who pays attention to details. For the Continual Professional, image is directly related to reputation, and a wardrobe reflects this. For this style, wardrobe basics include: 6+ suits 3+ pairs of dress shoes 2 pairs of casual leather shoes belts to Continue Reading

Removing Stains from Table Linens

Bring stained linens to Flair for imeediate treatment

The holidays are over and you’ve enjoyed wonderful meals with family and friends. Now, it is time to clean and pack away your favorite table linens so they are ready for next year. As you pack them up, you notice stains on them – bad stains. What do you do? Never fear, just follow these simple steps: First, identify the types of stains . This will help Flair Continue Reading

Facebook Fans Win!

Win a $20 dry cleaning credit from Flair Cleaners. Visit our Facebook page

Free dry cleaning…sound good?  Our Facebook fans think so.  Each week we randomly select a new Fan of the Week from anyone who liked, shared or commented on one of our posts.  The winner receives a $20 credit for dry cleaning services at their local Flair Cleaners. What’s not to like? At Flair, we know that taking care of our customers is job one, and this is one Continue Reading

Preventing Unsightly Perspiration Stains

Let Flair Cleaners help you prevent and get rid of unsightly perspiration stains.

Tired of those unsightly yellow perspiration stains on your light clothing or the discoloration under your arms on your darker garments? These stains are the result of the interaction of your deodorant and the fibers of your clothing. It is not the sweat that causes the discoloration. The real culprit is the combination of that moisture with the deodorant or antiperspirant you are using. The reason why you Continue Reading

Spray-on Clothing Stains


What’s the last thing most of us put on when getting dressed?  For many, it’s colognes, perfumes and hair sprays. For clothes, this can only mean two things: stains and damage to fabrics. Essential oils and alcohol used in these sprays can fade colors or weaken fibers resulting in permanent damage.  While Flair’s professionals will do everything possible to eliminate spray residues and protect clothing, once the damage Continue Reading

Clothes Moths: Prevention & Treatment

Bring your woolen garments to Flair before storing to help prevent moth infestations.

Growing up in the Midwest, a sure sign of winter was the ritual of packing away summer clothes and unpacking winter wardrobes, including woolen clothing. To this day, the first sweater of winter reminds us of the familiar scent associated with this ritual: mothballs. Today, despite the memories, it’s clear that mothballs are not the safest method of preventing and eliminating moths. They contain paradichlorobenzene (also known as Continue Reading

Buying the Perfect Winter Coat

Winter coats are an investment. Proper cleaning with Flair Dry Cleaners can help protect that investment for years.

Flair Cleaners knows that coats are a true investment in any wardrobe. Proper care of your winter coat with professional cleaning by Flair Cleaners will extend the life of that investment. Before you go shopping for that perfect winter coat, think about when and where you’ll be wearing the coat. If you are buying for the snow and slopes, look for a wool or down coat or a Continue Reading

Flair Cleaners Clothing Drive Supports Local Charities

Flair Cleaners Annual Clothing & Shoe drive: Nov. 28 - Dec. 31, 2014.

Flair Cleaners is in the midst of our Annual Clothing and Shoe Drive. All five of our Flair locations – Santa Monica, Burbank, Redondo Beach, Valencia and Studio City – are collecting your donations and we will have donation forms for your tax records. The clothing and shoes will be distributed to the following three area-wide charities: Helping Hands for the Blind– the receipt of clothes from the Continue Reading

Tips on How to Clean Your Closet for Charity

Clean Your Closet for Charity

For most of us, each season means a wardrobe change. Why not take that time to inventory your clothes, thin out those you no longer wear and donate them to charity? Here are some tips that can help you sort through you clothes and determine what to keep and what to give away. Dedicate a couple of hours to go through every item in your wardrobe. Sort through Continue Reading