Why Are Buttons Different for Men and Women?

Flair replaces broken or missing buttons at no charge.

Have you every tried on a jacket or shirt and found that buttoning it seemed backwards? Chances are, if you are a woman, you were trying on a man’s garment and visa versa. This odd fact is something most of us never notice: men’s shirts , sweaters, and jackets button from a different direction than  do women’s blouses, sweaters, and coats. In the past, both men and women Continue Reading

Food Stains First Aid

Tips for treating stains that might surprise you!

Food is essential  and enjoyable. But, when delicious food ruins your favorite clothes, it’s tragic.  It’s surprising how a perfect Marinara sauce can tantalize your taste buds — or completely ruin a silk tie or dress. The safest way to protect your clothing from food stains is to know which ones are the worst and to develop emergency strategies for dealing with all spills until you can get Continue Reading

Cleaning & Storing Clothes to Prevent Insect Damage

Moth and other insect damage - tips for prevention.

We’ve all seen them. Holes caused by insects that seem to appear mysteriously in our clothes. Clothing that has been stored for a long time or that in worn infrequently is particularly prone to insect damage. The most familiar is moth damage, which  is commonly seen on wool fabrics. However, beetles, silverfish, roaches, and other insects feed on stains and sizings in all types fabrics. There are two Continue Reading

Ask Flair: Caring for Dresses

Flair's experts share tips on cleaning dresses.

Since we’ve had so many questions about caring for dresses lately, we thought sharing some of the most popular would be useful for all our customers. Q:  Many of my dresses have sequins – I like bling! What is the best way to clean them? A. Sequins, while stunning are always a challenge when it comes to cleaning. First, always read the clothing care label. If the label Continue Reading

Find the Perfect Boots? Flair Will Keep Them That Way.

Boots and Shoe Care

Boots are back in a big way. At a café recently, 50% of the women we saw were wearing boots of all different styles, colors and heights, and they looked fantastic. To look outstanding instead of standing out in boots, first pick the right pair and second keep them looking perfect! Fashion stylist Leila Wolford suggests buying boots to fit your body. She advises: If you are petite Continue Reading

Office Ambassador: Save Time, Money & the Environment

Save time and money! Flair's Office Ambassador Program - pick up and delivery where you work.

Does this sound your typical day? You get up, grab a quick breakfast, get the rest of the household on their way and rush off to work? You work all day without a break and may even have to stay late, and then you run home for dinner and family activities. Most of us lead incredibly busy lives with little to no time for errands like dropping off Continue Reading

Preventing Fume Fading in Clothes & Textiles

Fume Fading and Air Pollution

Have you ever seen your favorite blue, purple or gray outfit turn to a pink hue right before your eyes? It happens! This color change can be not only annoying, but puzzling. Mystery solved! When this type of color change happens, your clothes are victims of “Fume Fading,” a complex chemical color change that occurs in certain dyes when exposed to air pollution from car exhaust and from Continue Reading

Flair Cares: Eco-fashion Spotlight

Eco-fashion Care

Eco-fashion is one of the hottest trends hitting Southern California. But, what makes it so good for you and the environment? Eco-fashion usually refers to clothing made from all-natural, organic fabrics, using only natural, unprocessed fibers and dyes, or created from recycled materials and clothes. In essence, it refers to clothing made from materials that do not harm the environment. Many clothing makers are going back to older, Continue Reading

Love Your Clothes? So does Flair.

Flair Loves Your Clothes, Too!

Let’s face it. Everyone has at least one piece of clothing they absolutely love! It might be a “go-with anything” sweater or the world’s most comfortable pair of pants or a “power” tie. Whenever you wear it, you always look and feel amazing! It’s no secret that men and women have an emotional tie to their clothing. So who better to put a little flair in your clothing Continue Reading

Shoes! Glorious Shoes!

Shoe care tips

Shoes can be one of the biggest wardrobe investments you make, financially, emotionally, and physically.  It’s not often you hit the trifecta of shoes – amazing comfort, stunningly beautiful, and affordable (or a treat) – but when you do, keeping that favorite pair in tip top shape will ensure it lasts as long as possible. Here’s what our expert cobblers recommend: 1.  Waterproof. Even in Southern California, it’s Continue Reading