Can Club Soda Really Remove Stains?

Does Club Soda remove stains? Myth or Fact?

It is commonly believed  that club soda is the ultimate remedy for instant stain removal, but is it really true? Flair turned to our 107-year-old professional trade association, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute, which undertook an in-depth study of the merits of club soda versus plain old water for stain removal, and as members. Here are the results!  Club soda can be a big help with stain removal Continue Reading

Which Pant Break Is Right For You?

A pant break for every style.

One of the questions we often get in our tailoring department is, “How long should my pants be?”  Before answering that, it’s important to know about pant breaks. The term break refers to the fold or bend just above the cuff of the pant leg. This break is created by when the fabric of the leg is longer than the leg of the person wearing the pants causing Continue Reading

10 Things Your Mom Never Told You.

10 Things Your Mom Never Told You Courtesy of Flair Cleaners

1. You made her cry a lot. 2. She wanted that last piece of pie. 3. It hurt. 4. She was always afraid. 5. She knows she’s not perfect. 6. She watched you while you slept. 7. She carried you a lot longer than nine months. 8. It hurt every time you cried or were disappointed. 9. She always put you first. 10. She would do it all Continue Reading

Flair Cleaners Fifth Annual Flair Care Package Drive To Benefit Over 150,000 Military and their Families

Flair Care Package Drive Helps 150,000 military families.

 Donations accepted at all five Flair Cleaners locations and via text May 16 – 24, 2015. Five shirts, blouses or pants dry cleaned or laundered free for active duty military and veterans May 21 – 24, 2015. Flair Cleaners will host its Fifth Annual Flair Care Package Drive, one of the largest drives of its kind, May 16 – 24 to benefit America’s military and their families. In Continue Reading

How to Tie a Bow Tie

How To Tie A Bow Tie

Every day our customers ask us for tips and advice. One of the top questions we get is, “How do I tie a bow tie?” So, with some help from, here are step by step instructions. The Bow Tie While the bow tie can be worn anytime, it is typically s worn to give you a formal and elegant appearance at formal occasions like a wedding or Continue Reading

A Greener Clean with Green Earth

GreenEarth Cleaning because Flair Cares

Flair has been committed to providing environmentally responsible, safe dry cleaning services since our inception. That’s why we use the gentle GreenEarth Dry Cleaning Process. What is GreenEarth? The GreenEarth Cleaning process uses liquid silicone or liquified sand, which is non-hazardous and non-toxic to the environment. It eliminates the use of all toxic  petrochemicals. After use, it safely breaks down into the three natural elements: sand (SiO2) and trace Continue Reading

Look Your Best at (Formal) Parties

Looking You Formal Best

Weddings. Graduations. Fundraisers. Openings. Award Galas. These are just a few of the formal parties you might have the chance to enjoy throughout the year in  the LA area.  All these festivities, with their festivities spills, splashes, and other party-time mishaps,as well as wear alone, can take their toll on expensive clothing. Many formal wear garments are made of luxurious fabrics, such as taffeta, moire, satin, organza, metallic Continue Reading

Why Are Buttons Different for Men and Women?

Flair replaces broken or missing buttons at no charge.

Have you every tried on a jacket or shirt and found that buttoning it seemed backwards? Chances are, if you are a woman, you were trying on a man’s garment and visa versa. This odd fact is something most of us never notice: men’s shirts , sweaters, and jackets button from a different direction than  do women’s blouses, sweaters, and coats. In the past, both men and women Continue Reading

Food Stains First Aid

Tips for treating stains that might surprise you!

Food is essential  and enjoyable. But, when delicious food ruins your favorite clothes, it’s tragic.  It’s surprising how a perfect Marinara sauce can tantalize your taste buds — or completely ruin a silk tie or dress. The safest way to protect your clothing from food stains is to know which ones are the worst and to develop emergency strategies for dealing with all spills until you can get Continue Reading

Cleaning & Storing Clothes to Prevent Insect Damage

Moth and other insect damage - tips for prevention.

We’ve all seen them. Holes caused by insects that seem to appear mysteriously in our clothes. Clothing that has been stored for a long time or that in worn infrequently is particularly prone to insect damage. The most familiar is moth damage, which  is commonly seen on wool fabrics. However, beetles, silverfish, roaches, and other insects feed on stains and sizings in all types fabrics. There are two Continue Reading