Flair Cleaners Office Delivery

Time. Everyone wants it. No one has enough of it. At Flair, we understand, and while we can’t give you more hours in a day, we can do the next best thing. Just consider us your Office Ambassador.

With the Office Ambassador Program, instead of making a side trip to Flair Cleaners on your way to or from work, we’ll meet you there, pick up your cleaning and laundry, and return it freshly cleaned and ready to wear. Our automatic billing ensures that you and your co-workers won’t be interrupted. You’ll save time and money, and by consolidating trips with your colleagues, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint.

All new Office Ambassador members receive half off every item for 30 days after joining. And, as a member, you are entitled to special pricing.

Let Flair lighten your load. Call our Office Ambassador, at (888) 990-5550. Or, send an email to officeambassador@flaircleaners.com.

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