Pants$14.50 and up
Skirts$14.50 and up
Two Piece Pant Suits$32.45 and up
Two Piece Skirt Suits$32.45 and up
Dresses$22.95 and up
Sport Jackets$17.95 and up
Outer Jackets$20.95 and up
Sweaters$15.50 and up
Ties$10.95 and up
Scarves$13.95 and up
Coats – Full Length$31.95 and up
Blankets – Twin$37.95 and up
Comforters – Twin$44.50and up
Duvet Covers – Twin$38.45and up
Shirts/Blouses – Dry Cleaned$14.50and up
Shirts/Blouses – Laundered$5.50 and up
Pullover Shirts – Laundered$8.75and up
Sport Shirts – Laundered$6.95 and up
Wash & Fold$4.50 – $6.50 per LB

Fabric, style or weight of garment may affect the above price.
Prices are subject to change without notice.