Most closets are designed for adults. The hangers are higher, and there are few drawers. When organizing a closet for your kids, take a different look. See it from their perspective. Then, have fun.

Organizing Tips:
  1. Hang rods at different levels depending on your kids’ ages and maximize space. These can be adjusted as your children grow. Consider pull-down rods for seasonal clothing.
  2. Think about the future. Find a storage system with elements you can change, reposition, eliminate or add later. This gives you flexibility when it comes to the kind of clothing and accessories your children need as they go through their lives. For example, pant lengths, activewear, and sports gear and clothing can change depending on their age and interests.
  3. Involve your kids in the process. The space is for them, and they will be more apt to use it if they feel ownership. Ask them where and how they would like to keep their favorite items. Then you can create a place for everything and let them put things away. Invite them to choose bins and other items to incorporate their favorite colors and styles. And, it will help them find important items, like school bags and sports gear.
  4. Add a place for laundry so they know where to put soiled clothes.
Storage Tips:
  1. Stuffed animals can go in a basket on the floor or in a bag hanging behind the door.
  2. Put shoes on shelves, cubbies, or racks under a hanging section.
  3. Add a storage bench where kids can sit to put on shoes and use them as additional storage.
  4. For small items like toys, games, or dolls, look for storage bins in fun shapes like cars or houses.

Remember, be aware of how your kids get dressed, what items they use daily, and which are their favorite toys. And plan and leave room for change as they grow.